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Be your best Wellness Newsletter #264

“Once upon a time people were born into communities and had to find their individuality. Today people are born individuals and have to find their communities.”

Posts from Happy Monday! Summer time often = lawn games with friends. While, sure, it can be an afternoon of fun and games, but maybe you want to win? Here are some pointers: Thank you, dear librarians. Thank you for the books. Thank you for the inspiration to read, for opening the doors to worlds we can discover through pages and stories. Thank you for the laughs and the cries. I'd love to hear some of your favorite books and authors. Sometimes, the best recipes are those that are super simple yet super tasty. And, even, those that the kids can make themselves! Let's celebrate amazing female athletes. Some of the best football we've ever watched has been those during past Women's World Cup matches. Let's tune in again this summer! How you speak to yourself is -- can be -- a gift. Wellness News Around the 'Net Physical Health Eat Well Drink more water. Your skin will thank you. Be Active Intense exercise is good for your heart. It's worth repeating! Let's move! This timer includes 6 groups of exercises. Each group: First move is a hold (20 seconds) followed by a related cardio move (30 seconds). You'll repeat these for a total of 3x each move. Then you have a 30 second active recovery followed by a 45 second challenge move. You can do this! Start your music! Spiritual Health Live life to live life not to live work. Mental & Emotional Health When was the last time you did something new-to-you? Social Health One can never have too many friends … and second-ring acquaintances. Be your best, friends s

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