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Be your best Wellness newsletter #261

Make sure you know what makes you happy, and don’t forget it.” ~ Derek Sivers

Posts from Happy Monday! Possibly you might be curious about the deep sea after the focus on submersibles last week. Here, a very cool way to look at what might be living in the deep, dark sea. New recipe: These really do taste like balls of cookie dough. We all loved them, and highly recommend. New post: we all know sun protection is important. It can also be confusing. Some straight talk about what's what to stay sunburn-free. Wellness News Around the 'Net Physical Health Eat Well Experts tell us ad nauseum to eat more fruit and veg. Yet we don't. Perhaps this app might inspire you? Be Active Yep, move more. Apparently, move more in the morning. Let's move! Take your traditional tabata (8 x a movement for 20 seconds each go), and split that 8 into two different movements and you have yourself a nice Tabata Pairs workout that will get your glutes and legs singing. You don't need anything for this workout, though a mat might be nice for the last round. Don't forget: you can do ANYTHING for 20 seconds! Start your music! Spiritual Health Sleep is very veeeerrrryy important. And -- news flash -- time in the sun can help you get your sleep. Mental & Emotional Health To be present doesn't mean to just be physically in the room. Gifting yourself effort to be more present in all of your experiences will bring benefits. Social Health Dad friends = no thinking about the house chores + trash talk. Be your best, friends s

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