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Be your Best Wellness Newsletter #259

"Every single soul is a Poem." ~ Michael Franti Posts from Happy Monday! Remember back when the grocery store had 3 apples: red delicious, yellow delicious and granny smith? Wow, times have (thankfully!) changed. New recipe: berries, pecans and super tasty option for breakfast. You’re welcome! New post: Deliberately, carefully, and mindfully look for good news. We are all different, yes, but a common thread amongst us is the human need for connection. In a relationship, there is a silent killer: resentment. This is true for all relationships. Stamping out resentment through communication builds your relationship’s resilience. Wellness News Around the 'Net Physical Health Eat Well Sugar-free does NOT mean healthy, not for diabetics nor dieters nor anyone else for that matter. So what is the point? Be Active A long sweat session might not actually be the best thing for you. Let's move! We've done pyramids before; you're about to 'build' 4 pyramids. 3 cardio, and the 4th is pure core. Start at 10 seconds, 20 ... on up to 1 minute, and then back down. Some of the moves are one side on the way up and the other on the way back down. You can do this! Start your music! Spiritual Health Sure, there are some who's opinions actually matter, who we can and should consider when making decisions and taking actions. But really, it is important to knw who those people are and ignore the rest. Don't waste energy on people pleasing. Mental & Emotional Health I am extremely claustrophobic, and find these suggestions to be possible solutions next time I get that panicky get-me-out-of-here thoughts

Social Health No, stop! Do NOT think about what your neighbor is doing. What you are doing is 100% perfect. Be your best, friends


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