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Be your best #308

When you are gentle with yourself, your nervous system can better tolerate what’s going on out there.

Thank you, Moms, for Mothering and for all that you do.

Happy Monday!  Seems like a very appropriate post-Mother’s Day post: 

Not only about social and emotional lives of teenagers but also why how you chew drives them bananas, how to support kids in school (even neurodivergent kids), and why you don't actually need to be the "cool mom". 

An amazing way to celebrate cauliflower and tahini both.

New post: 'tis the season for moving, and vacations and all the things we love but also cause stress.  Let's talk about keeping it together.  Another 4 Women talking podcast: 


Wellness News Around the 'Net

Physical Health

Eat Well

Eat to live.  Please don't live to eat.

Be Active

Walking is amazing exercise and mostly free.  Why not walk more?

Let's move!

Single weight, 4 rounds.  You can do this.  Start your music!

4 rounds: 30 seconds on x 30 seconds off

-pulse squat + single arm clean

-lateral shuffles

-overhead lunge + swing

-lateral slow squats

-single arm thrusters

Spiritual Health

Empathetic?  It is an amazing gift, and way to tune into others.

Mental & Emotional Health

Combat burnout before you hit the proverbial wall.  Questions to ask yourself: 

  • Are you regularly physically and emotionally exhausted? 

  • Do you feel a lack of energy and/or have trouble sleeping? 

  • Are you more cynical and detached than usual? 

  • Do you no longer feel joy from things that used to bring you joy? 

  • Are you feeling like you’re not contributing anything meaningful, where you once were?

  • Do you feel a sense of ineffectiveness and that all of your hard work isn’t actually accomplishing anything?

Social Health

I know, I know!  They can be little turds, but they are also dear dear people.  Prickly pears, let's call them.  You have to know better, how many different ways can we ruin the relationship?  Let's know what to avoid!

Be your best, friends


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