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"Move more, sit less" Physical Health I find this amazing: how much sleep you get so hugely impacts your well-being that it can even cause dehydration.  Get your sleep, friends. Eat Well

How well-hydrated are you?  I'd be willing to bet a good number of you are not drinking as much water as you should.  I know I don't when I am either busy or cold.  Drinking enough water is an important part of good nutrition. Be Active

New physical activity guidelines are pretty clear and simple to follow. Let's  move!

Here we have a workout that allows you to use a set of light weights with each move, as is comfortable for you.  Alternately, you can also use bottles of water, cans of whatever, etc to add a little bit of extra weight.  The only move that might seem unusual would be Lady Liberty and that is just a narrow squat with a jump up and lift your arm up (like the Statue of Liberty).  Since you are repeating each interval twice, do the first one one side and the second on the other. Spiritual Health Sometimes you just KNOW things.  Sometimes, it's hard to trust that feeling.  But really your intuition - and your ability to listen to it - speaks highly of your ability to trust yourself. Mental & Emotional Health This is so interesting: your moods are seriously impacted by smells. Social Health Yes, you can say no.  And no that doesn't mean you're a jerk. Posts from FB/Blog Love this infograph on being grateful. Every November, I try to be especially deliberately (and publicly) grateful on my FB page. Helps me be mindful about doing it the rest of the year, too. Happy Monday! A nice feel-good story for you today about a family and a magpie. A yummy (and fast!) cake that's perfect for dinner, or breakfast or that Bake Sale or Holiday Potluck... New post: It's here again: the season of getting.  How can we turn it around to being more about experiences rather than about how many boxes are sitting under the tree? I find this fascinating. It's so hard to know if we are overreacting to our kids' immersion in all-things-tech, or if it really is that big bad thing we think it is (or at least I think it is). Time will tell. Here's what our teens think, at any rate.

Be your best, friends 


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