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The more things you own, the more they own you. —Unknown Physical Health Eat Well

How bad can a spoonful of Nutella be, right?  Maybe it should be saved for a dessert rather than a lunch box...check out the nutrition label if your child is a regular nut butter user, and opt for lower sugar options or natural varieties. Be Active

Especially for those looking to get more active, it is better for you to ease in deliberately than it is to jump in overly enthusiastically (read: no need for sore muscles, friends.) Let's move! We're doing another EMOM (Every minute on the minute).  This one is 4 blocks long.  If you have a timer you like, feel free to set it or you can use the timer link below.  4 10 minute blocks, with one minute rest in between each block.  At the top of each minute, you do the prescribed moves, repeating each set of moves 10 times. Start your music! First block: 7 box jumps, 10 rear lunge + front kick.  On the box jump, be sure to find a sturdy box/stool/curb that won't move when you land on it.  It should be at least 1 1/2 feet tall, if possible.  Jump with both feet, land with both feet.  Use your arms to get up to the box if you need to.  As the minutes go by, and the number of box jumps you've completed add up, you can also step up; alternate one leg and then the other.  But jump up as long as you can! Rear lunge + front kick is just that: 90/90 in each knee on the rear lunge, and then front kick.  If you can, don't tap the ground in between the two moves.  Don't use momentum on the front kick; slow and steady with good form.  And, if you can, jump to alternate to the other rear lunge. Second block: 5 roll-ups, 5 long jumps.  For the roll-ups, lie on your back (probably on a mat or carpet is best).  Roll all the way up, onto your feet.  If you need to, use your hands to push your way up to your feet.  Jump at the top.  Roll back onto your back and start again. Long jumps are just that: jump forward as far as you can, jumping and landing on both feet. Turn around, and do it again. Third block: 10 crab toe-touches, 8 jack complexes.  From the crab position (belly up, legs and hands down on the ground), straighten your leg up above your belly and reach up with your opposite hand and touch your toe hand, alternating sides (5 each side).  Jack complex: Regular jack, front jack, touch one foot and then the other in front, touch one foot and then the other in back, repeat.  Between each touch, jack your legs out.  This one makes your brain work, too; don't worry, as long as you are jumping around and moving your arms and legs, you'll get your heart rate up! Fourth block: 10 full sit-ups, 10 Russian twists.  Self-explanatory, both.  If you can, keep your feet up on the Russian twists.  As you get fatigued, definitely let your feet rest on the floor, but keep your back leaning back and rotate back and forth through your whole core. Spiritual Health Like to laugh?  That's good for your growth! Mental & Emotional Health One of the things that really impacts our mental well-being is our self body image.  And, lately, it has been harder than it should be to maintain the positive self-image what with the images we regularly see on social media. Social Health You think you know people, and can read their faces and actions to know what is and is not true.  You think you are a good judge of character.  Turns out, we are not as good as we think.  And, as the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Posts from FM/Blog Ohmigosh! This is so so true! I exist in very few pictures, something my own mother comments on frequently. My friends, if I am near and you want a pic with your kids, I am more than happy to help! Otherwise, kindness of strangers it is. "Do you wish you had accomplished more?" "No, I wished I had loved more.' Because no one ever regrets loving too much. Happy Monday! Hope you've all enjoyed your weekend. We're on Fall Break from school, so we get extra family time ... a good thing! Please enjoy this article of advice as to what to pay for and what to skimp on while traveling. Most of us do a good bit of traveling, and have found the mix of the two that works best for us. But sometimes, suggestions from others might help make a vacation trip a little easier. I'm not sure if I agree, but an interesting perspective at any rate. True, screens play a much larger role in our kids' everyday lives than they did ours but ... child abuse? It's important to find the right mix of screen time and real-person-time for all of your family members, and know that what works for you might not be the same as the family next door. I love this idea! Helps empower kids to chose (and eat!) foods they like... so long as not all of them are vying for the bags of chips! New recipe (but not mine).  Super yummy, though. A question for parents and non-parents alike.  Pro- or anti-vitamins?  It's actually not a clear-cut question. Be your best, friends


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