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“Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.” — Betty Friedan Physical Health Eat Well

Guess what?  Carbs are NOT the enemy.  And gluten is not all-bad. Guess what else?  Whole milk is not the villain you thought it might be. Be Active

The fascinating part about the human body - okay, one of - is how each one is unique in its ability to run it's proverbial motor.  Metabolism is unique and while there are some things you can do to 'change it', mostly not to speed it up.  I know, darn it, right?  

Let's move!

The timer is for 4 30 second back-to-back intervals for each move.  What you'll do is ABAB format, first 30 seconds you'll jump the move, the next 30 you'll hold, then jump, then hold. Exercises:  Most of these you are probably familiar with; those that may be a little different, I've described below.  Remember, you jump the move, hold the move, jump, hold.

  • -Lunges

  • jumping lunges, then hold one side in a lunge. 

  • Jumping lunges, hold the other side.

  • Squat Thrust/squat

  • Bear Crawl

  • Curtsy Lunge

  • One Legged Dog - From a Down dog, lift one leg up toward the sky.  Bring that knee up towards your chest, as high as you can go.  Go back to one-legged dog.  Right/left/right/left in your ABAB

  • V-up/boat

  • Plank Jack

  • Side Lunge/capoeira- Step out to a side lunge.  Staying low move your butt through to a side lunge on the other side.  Continue moving smoothly from one side to the other, staying low.  During the 'hold' portion, hold on one side.  Hold on the other side during the second hold.

  • Rolling Side Plank - from a regular plank, roll to face one side.  Find your balance on your hand still on the ground.  Hold for a beat.  Roll back to regular plank.  Roll to the other side.  Keep rolling back and forth.  In the hold portion, hold a side plank.Hold on the other side during the second hold.

  • Mt Climbers

  • Front Kick

  • Reverse Plank/swing back - From a seated position, keeping your arms straight, place your hands on the ground, just behind your hips (your fingernails should be roughly even with your hips). Keeping your heels on the ground, lift your hips, making your body as straight as possible from your shoulders to your feet. If you need a break, bend your knees and bring your body to a table-top position. Keep your hips as high as possible. Be sure not to collapse into your chest; keep your chest open. You can either look up at the ceiling or out over your toes. That's your 'hold' position.  For the 'move' portion, swing your hips back towards your arms, and then lift them into the reverse plank.

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