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What's up on the Big Purple Blob

Please see below for links and episode summaries.

Susie and Sharoya share some helpful insights for parents of Teens.  

Join Susie and Jennie to discuss some of the unexpected adjustments to having your kid (adult?) return to stay with you for the summer.

Two parents share their experience in connecting (and sometimes convincing) their kids to talk to someone.  What to consider when finding the right person to work with your teen or kid.

Living overseas sometimes means missing out on important life events for family members because we are at a distance.

What do you do when your child marries someone you don't know well because you live far away? In this episode, Sharoya chats with another veteran EFM.  They share their emotional journey to accept what it is and embrace the beauty of what it will be.  

How will living at a distance affect this experience? 

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