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120- Confident & Unafraid TCKs: Expert Interview w/Jamie Edelbrock

Interview with EFM and Award-Winning Children's Book Author & Mental Health Advocate Jamie Edelbrock: How to help TCKs develop self-confidence. 121- Identity and Interests for Third-Culture Kids: Where Do I Fit In? What happens when a TCK stops moving around the world? How can TCKs follow their deep interests and pursue goals if they're continually changing locations? Angie Collins & Katie Fowle discuss their experience as parents raising kids who have defined themselves as Third Culture Kids for years....and then transition into living in their home country. 122- Divorce Overseas: Lawyer Perspective & What YOU Need to Know Family Attorney Lucia Levias shares some REAL WISDOM and important information for anyone who may consider divorce from a partner while one or both of you are living overseas.

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