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Wellness Newsletter #247

"Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment." ~ Oprah

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Have you ever noticed that there are certain places you often get good ideas? Some of those places are not ideal for leaving a notebook nearby...

There's a synergy that happens between tuna, beans and roasted carrots that really is just super tasty. Hope you try it.

New post: Sometimes, the best gift you can give yourself is to stop being a perfectionist.

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Physical Health Eat Well Some clues about how to decipher nutrition labels. Be Active There's 'tired' and then there is T I R E D that you feel deep down. Is that normal? Let's move! In this timer, called A + B = C, you'll do one move, and then a second, and then you'll put them together for a super duper move! At the end, a burnout round with all of the C moves. Start your music! Spiritual Health Your purpose does not actually have to have an end-goal accomplishment. Sometimes the purpose can be just to have an experience. Mental & Emotional Health The thing about negative emotions is that we actually need them and need to experience them in order to fully feel our positive emotions. Social Health In so many different ways, our friends support us. Not just when we are having a bad day, or struggling with a problem, but also when problems grow to sizes too big for us to deal with on our own. Mental health struggles are very real; friends help us through them, and stand beside us as we do the needful. Be your best, friends


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