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Wellness newsletter #241

Your track record for getting through hard days is 100% so far. Posts from Happy Monday! Sometimes, it's important to realize what IS possible and what is a social media-induced image of 'reality'. Achieving happiness is not always doable. Seeking & having fun, though, is 100% achievable, and really good for your well-being. New recipe: Bananas, check. Crunchy granola topping, check. Caramelly goodness, and chocolate chips, check. Easily double so you can gift (or freeze!) a loaf, check. New post: Apologizing is not the same thing as accepting responsibility. Apologizing is not always the best response. So ... what to do? Wellness News Around the 'Net Physical Health Eat Well It's important to remember that these types of specialty diets that eliminate one or more group of foods can be hard on a body. Short term, they may result in some pounds lost, but long term effects may not be worth the risks. Be Active There is such a thing as 'too hot to exercise'; that might be a good day to opt for a swim instead! Let's move! Here we have a timer that plays with interval lengths, and not just the intervals wherein you are working. Rest time changes, too. 5 rounds, 6 exercises. Start your music! Spiritual Health Some kids (and adults!) seem naturally confident. Turns out, their parents have a lot to do with that. Mental & Emotional Health Sugar hits you in many different ways. Not all of them are great. Social Health You have the talkers and the listeners, sure, but did you know there is actually a MOST successful ratio of both parts of the conversation? "Silence is where the conversation grows." Be your best, friends


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