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Wellness newsletter #237

Be thankful for all the rude, obnoxious and difficult people you meet in life. They serve as important reminders of how NOT to live.

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Happy Monday! Ever wondered about why it is your kitty reacts to catnip? We gift a tub of this 'recreational drug' for cats to our two for the holidays and I wondered just what it was I was gifting. If you're curious:

New recipe: The best hummus is one you can make and enjoy WHEN you want to make it and enjoy it. This one fits that AND takes amazing. Get your pita and veggies ready!

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Physical Healt Eat Well You can overdo on some vitamins and minerals, for sure, and here’s what you didn’t know: that can cause body odors. I know, wow, right? Be Active I know on some days, it can be REALLY hard to get motivated to get moving. What helps? Music. Turn it up! Let's move! This timer includes 23 exercises. All but one include medium weights. This is a full-body workout; we'll hit your legs, arms and core. Ready? Start your music! Spiritual Health When trying to develop goals, it is important to consider how you are motivated. Not everyone loves a list, not everyone responds to a challenge. In order to achieve your goals, make sure the language you craft them with speaks to you. Mental & Emotional Health

Speaking to yourself as kindly as you would speak to a friend will boost your mood and confidence. Social Health How to charm the pants off everyone all of the time. Be your best, friends


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"If only we could remember when we were the ocean." ~ Marie Howe Posts from Ah, sleepovers. There's nothing you endure as a parent as draining, tiresome, exhilaratin

Keep going even though it is taking longer than expected. Posts from Happy Monday! Link for today begins with a question: if someone were to ask you which is stronger,

"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." ~ Dr Martin Luther King Posts from Check out the most recent podcast ep

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