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Wellness Newsletter #175

"Frauds can wear expensive clothes, and people in tatters can turn out to be beautiful people. Characterization to me happens through what people do rather than what they look like." ~ Jenny Erpenbeck

Physical Health There is a LOT of crap health advice out there. So much that it can be really difficult to decipher truth from fiction. Here are a few things to look for in order to determine the validity of what you are reading. Eat Well It’s really hard to know how much one should eat of each macronutrient: is it better to eat more protein or carbohydrates? How much fat should one eat? Know this: It’s all very individual. Here’s a bit more about eating higher amounts of proteins. Be Active If you are looking to lose weight, one of the things to focus on is the simple caloric math equation that is weight maintenance: burn more calories than you take in. In order to do that, focus on some simple tips to help up your caloric burn. Let's move! This workout is called Crescendo: you'll do the same move for 20, 30 and then 40 second intervals before moving on to the next. Bodyweight, so all you need is some space. Start your music! Spiritual Health Sometimes the part where you hang on to the hurt is actually more damaging than the hurt itself. Mental & Emotional Health While I am a firm believer in realistic positivity, there is also a need to feel and acknowledge negative emotions.

Social Health I know you want to be a good friend, and do your best to be so but sometimes, your friends can end up being kind of a drain on your energy. It isn’t that you have to say goodbye to your friendship, but you do have to make sure you can get things back to being positive for both of you. Posts from Happy Monday! Hope you had a nice weekend. I saw the pics on this link, and they made me almost forget my trepidation about traveling. Ma Nature is so beautiful. Turns out you can 'shawarma' pretty much anything, including tofu! Here, an awesome marinade that will help you create that perfect taste on whatever protein you want to add. We are humans, after all, and that means sometimes anger happens. How do we deal with anger as parents? How do we deal with anger in our kids? Moving through steps for successfully moving past such strong emotions is key. Be your best, friends s

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