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TCKs face unique challenges in a highly mobile lifestyle.  Katie understands that on a professional level, as well as being a parent who has managed this with her own children.

Katie Fowle; Learning to Flourish

143: FS Kids of Color:  The joys, challenges, & triumphs

Have you ever wondered how FS kids of color experience life abroad?  Our special guests, Kene and his mom, Nimo, share how they responded when Kene's school environment went from enjoyable to toxic.  You'll also hear how the U.S. Embassy community rallied together to bring about change at Kene's school.  Take an objective look at your school and speak up to make sure everyone is valued.

Facebook Group:  FS Parents of Kids of Color

144: FS Kids of Color:  The joys, challenges, & triumphs

Two additional questions for Mom and Son: considering the decision to seek therapy. 

Resilient Partners are essential in nomadic living.  Creating community, seeking support, and prioritizing what matters - listen in on how Jessica Hayden has overcome the big and small challenges of 20 years in Foreign Service life, including an unaccompanied tour, evacuation from Ukraine, and raising three children.

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