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Latest from The Big Purple Blob

We've been busy on the Big Purple Blob! Here are the latest podcast episodes:

Ep. 62: Getting Teens School Ready during Summer Break

Is your middle/high schooler struggling academically? Veteran teachers Katie Fowle and Sharoya Ham discuss steps you can take each month during the summer break to help your tween/teen gain confidence as a learner and problem solver. Ep. 61: Living Life ON HOLD: Waiting for a decision from Post How do you manage life when waiting to hear what Post will decide about your future? This is a struggle many of us face. Join Angi (Life Coach for Teens) and Susie (Wellness Coach) to hear how they make it work. Ep. 60: Let's Talk Postpartum w/an Expert Join Ingrid and Susie to talk about wellness after the baby is born. For Expats who aren't surrounded by the support of their hometown and familiar faces, postpartum challenges can be overwhelming. Ep. 59: Raising Confident Multicultural Kids- Third Culture Parenting Sharoya Ham and Angie Collins are two brilliant Moms who share their wisdom on building confidence for your kids through experiences and open communication.

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