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Be your best #315

One of the most valuable skills in life is being able to see another person's perspective.

Happy Monday! An outstanding podcast about the links between nutrition, disease (esp prevention), and genetic markers. Broken down in layperson language. A bit long, but wow, so much great info.  

Recipe: take that broccoli, and « tot » it.  Tasty option that will be a hit! 

Mental & emotional wellness thoughts for you and for your family.

Wellness News Around the 'Net

Physical Health

Eat Well

If you are aware of the (sneaky, not-hunger-related) reason behind the snacking, maybe you can curb the impulse.

Be Active

Fitness is a journey, not just a destination. The beauty lies in the experiences we gain along the way — and the rewarding feelings we get from being fully present. This is true for any kind of fitness or movement. Whether you dance, swim, run, walk, bike, or do yoga, getting physical is a gateway for our senses to come alive. As we coordinate our limbs, stretch our muscles, move, breathe, and sweat, we can experience our own unique flow of energy, resilience, and empowerment — pure mind-body synergy.

Let's move!

This workout is called 30 60 90.  There are two rounds.  Each round includes a 30-second cardio burner, 60-second two-move toning section (do each move for 30 seconds, no rest in between), and then 90-second ladder (do each move one rep, then two reps of each, then three...). Start your music!

Spiritual Health

As with all things, mindfulness is not a cure-all.  AND (very important) there is a level of mindfulness that works best for each of us, and it is not the same across the board.  The very last line of this article is probably the best: "As with almost all philosophy and self-help fads, moderation and sensible application is key."

Mental & Emotional Health

Honestly, sometimes quitting IS the answer.

Social Health

Relationship advice that is actually useful.

Be your best, friends


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