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Be your best #314

A Wellness Newsletter

"The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them." ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

Happy Monday! Yet another detail that you can disagree with your children about: sock length. 

A recipe for any weeknight, perfect for all pasta lovers.  

Take a look at your (and your family’s) social wellness: how are you doing?  Any room for improvements?

Wellness News Around the 'Net

Physical Health

Eat Well

Food?  Well, sort of.

Be Active

Running is an amazing form of exercise, but only if you like doing it.

Let's move!

Take your traditional tabata (8 x a movement for 20 seconds each go), and split that 8 into two different movements and you have yourself a nice Tabata Pairs workout that will get your glutes and legs singing. You don't need anything for this workout, though a mat might be nice for the last round.  Don't forget: you can do ANYTHING for 20 seconds!  Start your music!

Spiritual Health

You are enough.  And it is okay to be vulnerable and make mistakes and you will still be 100% enough.

Mental & Emotional Health

FEel your emotions, yes.  But don’t let them overtake everything.

Social Health

Turns out how you save your contacts indicates something more than just a typing pattern.

Be your best, friends


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