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Be your best #310

The only way to get where you want to go is to start from where you are. Not where you want to be. Not where you think you should be. Not where you wish you were. Not where others think you should be, but where you are.

~ Brad Stulberg

Happy Memorial Day! Take some time today to do some cooking … emoji cooking, that is.

New (non) recipe: chop your salad and everyone will eat it.  Really.

Summer time fun is just around the corner!  Helping you (and your kids!) enjoy the fun while keeping your skin safe from harmful rays is important. 

Wellness News Around the 'Net

Physical Health

Eat Well

A recent study showed questionable links about weight management; this is important because the message our kids are receiving is tinted by the weight-loss industry. Weight management is impacted by many factors. Let's make sure our kids understand what they are hearing and reading.

Be Active

Physical therapy is not just for if you’ve had an accident and need help with recovery.

Let's move!

Short but not necessarily sweet: this EMOM sandwich will get you to the finish line quickly.  Remember: EMOM is every minute on the minute you'll do the moves as indicated, and AMRAP is as many reps as possible. 

The first EMOM is 10 long jumps and 10 side leaps.

The AMRAP is a ladder: 1 v-up, 1 push-up, 2 v-ups, 2 push-ups, ... adding a rep of both each round.  

The second EMOM is 5 star jumps, 5 squat jacks, 5 jacks and 5 Seal jacks.  I challenge you to add one rep of each minute.

Repeat the same AMRAP.

Start your music!

Spiritual Health

You may think that being passive-aggressive is a kinder, more gentle way to deal with people, because you aren't acting pushy.  Here's the thing: being passive-aggressive is harder on you (mental state) AND on them.

Mental & Emotional Health

Tricks to tricking yourself into being happier 

Social Health

Small changes to bring less negative into your everyday life.  

Be your best, friends


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