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50 Random thoughts

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

My birthday list

1. Learning HOW to think is far more useful than learning WHAT to think.

2. Everything is hard before it is easy, and we stronger and more capable as we go.

3. Your success rate so far for getting through each day – no matter how hard it may be – has been 100% so far.

4. The biggest disappointments in life are often the result of misplaced expectations. Having a fixed idea of how things ‘should be’ can lead to disappointment.

5. Worry is the cruelest enemy of personal growth.

6. Mistakes are where learning happens. Without mistakes, we don’t ever have to try harder and try again.

7. Attitude is a little thing that makes a HUGE difference.

8. Gratitude and reflecting on all the good we have in our lives makes us happier and healthier.

9. When baking quick bread or muffins or cookies, make a double batch. Freeze the extras. Slip a note into the freezer bag with the name of the goodie and a baked on date.

10. Lifelong pursuit of happiness should really be called the lifelong pursuit of meaning.

11. The most effective way to move away from something you don’t want is to move towards something you DO want.

12. Words are just words; actions have impact.

13. Hard things, uncomfortable things open doors of opportunity.

14. Uncertainty is uncomfortable, and maybe a little scary, but also inevitable to achieve change.

15. Lack of effort holds more people back than lack of intelligence ever could.

16. The only thing you can be certain of is that things will not go as you expect.

17. A goal is great, but does not ensure positive change will happen. Instead, habits and rituals that reinforce positive behavior will move you towards positive change.

18. The underlying key to a successful relationship is trustworthiness.

19. Life is composed of light and dark, of good and evil. You can’t escape all of the evil, but it is important to know that good and light will always triumph over dark and evil.

20. Who we are matters. Who we choose to be around also matters.

21. No matter how wonderful and amazing we are, some people will judge us unfairly. And that is just the way it is.

22. When you’ve finished your jar of pickles, olives, capers, pepperoncini, or any other pickled food item, don’t throw the brine away! Use your pickle juice. It is the perfect liquid brine for your chicken.

23. When in a relationship, honor what you need; ask for space when you need it.

24. Learn the love language of your loved ones.

25. Family, flowers and walks in the woods will bring you more happiness than cars, watches and houses ever could.

26. Good friendships are a priceless treasure. Old friends are the most precious of those treasures.

27. Small daily victories performed with disciplined consistency over extended periods of time lead to revolutionary results.

28. Parenting is the best, hardest, most challenging endeavor you will ever attempt. And when your child is walking away from you towards that successful life they have gained under your watchful eye, your heart will break a little.

29. Just because someone is aging does not mean they are growing.

30. The more humble the person, the stronger the character.

31. We get what we settle for.

32. Taking time to rest makes you more productive.

33. Bullies become cowards when you stand up to them.

34. A genuinely rich life costs a lot less than you think.

35. It is better to read a few books deeply than consume many books lightly.

36. All life – big, small, many and few legs – has value.

37. Respecting yourself is vastly more important than being liked by others.

38. Really listening means that when the person stops talking you can give a headline to the narrative they just shared.

39. Food is a source of nourishment. Food is not a source of happiness or guilt.

40. I am not successful with that … yet.

41. Lemon zest is an excellent secret ingredient in just about everything.

42. You probably just need a nap or a snack.

43. Being resourceful is often more important than being smart.

44. Interesting people are interested.

45. One of the most important relationship details to discover is the crucial difference between “this person is awesome” and “this person is awesome FOR ME”.

46. Your thoughts, especially about your own self or your actions, are probably not 100% true.

47. Be as kind, compassionate and as gentle to yourself as you would your best friend.

48. West medicine is amazing, yes. There is also a reason why practices such as acupuncture, osteopathy and kinesiology have existed as long as they have. Open your mind.

49. Be the end of the train for the gossip.

50. They, whoever they is, probably are not thinking about you. And they are not important anyway.

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