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4 Mental Health And Wellness Tips For Parents

Guest post: by Deeksha Tripathi

Today, around 57% of males and 68% of females suffer from mental health problems. Since March 2020, there have been severe changes in everyone's lives; from disruptions in regular patterns of work and social lives, everything has caused common stress. Besides coping with their professional and social lives, parents also had to deal with the pandemic’s impact on their children. About 48% of parents have agreed that stress has increased in their lives post-pandemic. That is to say, parents need to know certain ways to deal with this stress which affects their overall productivity.

Top 4 Mental Health Tips for Parents

As parents, it is important to balance your mental health along with your regular tasks. These wellness tips for parents will surely destress you and ensure efficiency in your daily jobs.

#1. Listen to Music

A study states that listening to music with 60 beats per minute releases alpha brain waves. These signal a relaxed mind. About 75% of people believe that music is a stress buster. Choose music according to your taste. It is a great wellness tip for parents to indulge in music that brings them joy and peace.

#2. Share Your Thoughts And Feelings

Research shows that an interaction with a particular person who understands your feelings while going through the same phase as you releases stress to a great extent. As parents, you should not limit social interaction while running after kids. Talk out your feelings with your loved ones. This will help in stress release.

#3. Be Mindful

Parental duties can be very stressful. Certain lifestyle changes can help you stay mentally efficient and strong. Take a digital detox and indulge in your hobbies. The stress hormone ‘cortisol’ is released when you indulge in constant draining activities. Clean up your house, declutter your wardrobe and try exercising daily. These tips will surely help your body and mind.

#4. Prioritise Your Rest

Adults who sleep less than 8 hours at night have recorded higher stress levels than those who sleep a minimum of 8 hours a night. Be attentive to the needs of your body. Fix a bedtime and try to stick by it. Take naps when you need to. Prioritizing rest will help you with the efficient performance of your parental duties.

Here’s a visual representation of the best mental health and wellness tips for parents.

image of Deeksha Tripathi
Author Bio: Deeksha Tripathi

Deeksha Tripathi is a Literature graduate and is currently pursuing her Master's in Business Administration. Besides being a passionate writer, she is a fashion enthusiast. She enjoys trying different types of Indian curries or shopping for trending vintage aesthetic outfits.

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Twitter: @FandBRecipes

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