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What's new on the Big Purple Blob

Have you ever felt that your body is a disappointment? Body image is a "silent" issue for many of us. Especially in the Diplomatic community, as we focus on establishing ourselves in new situations constantly, many of us are not able to dedicate time/energy to body image. Nutritionist Becca Brown shares how we can develop a positive body image.

96- Mentally Healthy Friendships for our TCKs

Are the constant relocations putting a strain on your children's friendships? Coaches Angie Collins and Katie Fowle share how you can support your children as they navigate the emotional roller coaster of finding and leaving friends over and over again.

Jeremiah Ham, an adult TCK, and his mom, Parent Coach Sharoya Ham, share their powerful intergenerational stories of growing up black in a world filled with racial bias.

Is it hard for you to say 'NO' to your teen? If so, learn the importance of saying ‘NO’ to your adolescent children and how to be more confident when you say it.

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