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76- Meet the coach: Find more WELLNESS in your family life with Susie Csorsz-Brown Meet the vivacious Family Wellness Coach Susie Csorsz-Brown. She and her husband have raised three amazing young men with a healthy lifestyle. She's walked the walk, she has learned the lessons. She's here to help YOU. Susie can help overwhelmed parents in the diplomatic community find ways to make wellness an automatic part of everyday living. https://bit.ly/3riwAQJ

77- Meet the coach: My Teen could use more support w/Angi Solley

Many teens are having a tough time with life right now. If your child is facing anxiety, family separation, academic struggles, ADHD, or depression, Teenlines.com is the place for teens to go for individual and group support. Our very own Blobber Teen Coach Angi Solley is well loved by the teens she serves. https://bit.ly/3UI8xIq 78- Insider Advice from an Education Consultant- TCKs to College Education Consultant Stephanie Sexton and Susie help parents understand the college transition process specifically for TCKs. https://bit.ly/3fuyX0n

79- Keeping Fit ON THE GO: EFM Expert Advice. Having problems being consistent with your fitness plan? Susie and Ingrid really know how to stay in shape. They have studied it and LIVED it as they move around the globe with their families. https://bit.ly/3EcJvey

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