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Wellness Newsletter #224

Every storm runs out of rain.” ~ Maya Angelou

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Happy Monday! Okay, probably could have shared this earlier in the summer, but listen, a beautiful fall day is the perfect time to open a can of whoop a$$ with the spikeball or cornhole. Our favorite? Can Jam. And Bottle Bash.

Mmm, this dish. So good and warm, and (best part?) fast to pull together.

As is the clarity one sees after the race towards teenage and then adulthood is in the rearview mirror, parenting a toddler is a blur of one bedtime story after another. Goodnight Moon was a favorite at our house, inspiring a calming cadence of words and images, helping little eyelids start drooping heavier and heavier. Love this article, reminding me of those hours spent snuggling on one bed or another, reading a story to my boys. I'd love to hear some of your favorite books to read to your kids. New post: How are you? Oh, so busy. Busy, busy busy ... Can you NOT be busy for a while? You have nothing to prove; lets let us be bored for a while.

Wellness News Around the 'Net

Physical Health Eat Well Maybe it isn't so much that you are what you eat, but rather what you eat greatly impacts your mood and your energy levels. Be Active We run/burpee/swim/sweat/(insert form of exercise here) to burn more calories, right? Well, news flash: that doesn't actually change your metabolism. Let's move! This timer is HIIT + a plank challenge. You’ll move through 2 rounds of leg and core focused cardio moves (50 seconds on, 10 off), and then do 2 rounds of a 3 minute plank challenge. You can do this! Start your music! Spiritual Health What is 'imposter syndrome' and why does it exist? Let's clear up some of the lies we tell ourselves. Mental & Emotional Health Want to be healthier AND smarter? It’s as easy as having fun. Seriously!

Social Health How to be charming without being obnoxious. Good and useful advice! Be your best, friends


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