• Susie Csorsz Brown

Taking a minute


I have been pushing pushing pushing to the point where I might be taking on too much. I feel as though I need to regroup and focus. I fear that I am not doing my best at what I love to do -- reach out to you, listen with my heart and value what I hear and gain.

I am taking a few weeks to do just that. I need to refind my joy.

I won't leave you without anything this month. Post this month will be quasi-holiday related quotes I love and think worthy of sharing. I will also continue to share the weekly Wellness Newsletter on Fridays.

"Twinkle lights are the perfect metaphor for joy; Joy is not a constant. It comes to us in moments -- often ordinary moments. Sometimes we miss out on the bursts of joy because we are too busy chasing down extraordinary moments." ~ Brené Brown

Be your best,


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