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  • Susie Csorsz Brown

Latest episodes on The Big Purple Blob

72- Supporting your child who REALLY does not want to move...again

Is your child dreading your next move? Susie and Angi have raised SEVEN kids in the Foreign Service Community. They know how it feels to be preparing the family to transition to the next post. They can help you manage the emotional side of moving that often gets pushed into the background.

73- Raising LGBTQ kids Overseas Featuring Dr.Fae Frederick

How does one talk to children & teens about LGBTQIA+ matters? This episode is for all family members or individuals seeking more information on how to provide positive support for young people looking at gender identity and sexual orientation in 2022.

74- Working with a Behavior Change Specialist: Support for Parents

What should a parent do when nothing is working? Partnering with a Parent Coach is a great option. Sharoya Ham is an incredible source of wisdom and experience. She uses her training and work as a parent and teacher to support others today.

75- Learn & Laugh through your Mid Life Crisis, Personal Expat Insights Is the Midlife Crisis a real phenomenon? When a mid-life crisis hits and we don't have an established support system in place what can we do? Join us for a lot of laughter and realness in this episode.

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