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Latest Episodes on The Big Purple Blob

July Episodes

68 Responding to CONFLICT: at Work and at Home

Conflict - we all face it! Do you respond with anger? resentment? or try to push it aside? Dr. Fae Frederick shares some of the best ways to respond to conflict.

69- Tandem Challenges: Hardship as a Couple w/Two Working Partners

Are you and your partner a tandem couple? The Blobbers recognize that you and your family sacrifice a lot and have unique needs. In this episode, Jennie and Susie encourage couples in our Diplomatic community who are living in different locations.

70- I want to work on my Marriage but my spouse DOESN'T

Is your marriage strained? Jennie and Sharoya want to help! In this episode, they share small steps you can take to move from frustration to relief. My Marriage Journal: 4 Journal Prompts to Help You Find Relief

71- Anxiety is your SUPERPOWER as an ExPat.

Anxiety - make it work for you! This is not your normal conversation about anxiety. Instead, Angie and Sharoya share how piglet, bumper cars, & gratefulness can help you find the superpowers you have within!

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