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68 Responding to CONFLICT: at Work and at Home https://bit.ly/3d7FnRK

Conflict - we all face it! Do you respond with anger? resentment? or try to push it aside? Dr. Fae Frederick shares some of the best ways to respond to conflict.

69- Tandem Challenges: Hardship as a Couple w/Two Working Partners https://bit.ly/3cZGrXI

Are you and your partner a tandem couple? The Blobbers recognize that you and your family sacrifice a lot and have unique needs. In this episode, Jennie and Susie encourage couples in our Diplomatic community who are living in different locations.

70- I want to work on my Marriage but my spouse DOESN'T https://bit.ly/3vLFlWh

Is your marriage strained? Jennie and Sharoya want to help! In this episode, they share small steps you can take to move from frustration to relief. My Marriage Journal: 4 Journal Prompts to Help You Find Relief

71- Anxiety is your SUPERPOWER as an ExPat. https://bit.ly/3BTQYhs

Anxiety - make it work for you! This is not your normal conversation about anxiety. Instead, Angie and Sharoya share how piglet, bumper cars, & gratefulness can help you find the superpowers you have within!

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There is a point where we need to take a minute, look around, and realize that what we have, what we embrace, what we love, who we are, all of it is enough. We need to embrace the contentment we exper