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Inside versus outside

Do you know what this is?

This fruit is called Dragon Fruit. I don't know why, but I have always found this fruit to be such a metaphor for life: you should make judgements about something based on physical appearances. The dragon fruit: on the outside, it is pink and leathery with greenish pokey pieces. On the inside, it is white and fruity with speckly black seeds. Looking at the outside, I'm not sure I would be super motivated to eat what I found inside, because Ma Nature's rule is usually if something is brightly colored, it is often toxic. Instead, this fruit is one of my favorites, with a hard-to-describe flavor with refreshing juices. It really is one of my favorites. (Note: please don't buy this fruit outside of its region. It will only leave you disappointed. Come to this part of the world, and enjoy it here.)

What does this have to do with life? A) Don't make snap decisions about others (other people, other things, other activities, other anything) without giving an honest try to like whatever it might be. B) When life gets back to normal, take a trip to Asia and try dragonfruit.

I hope you are staying well, safe and sane.

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