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Be your best #311

"The opposite of cynicism isn't optimism, but joy. Optimism too easily becomes 'toxic positivity,' which is insensitive to the real difficulties people face. Joy doesn't disregard the hard stuff. Joy knows that negativity is a part of life as well. Joy says that life is hard but there is a place you can go, a tool you can use. Joy is a force. A choice. Something that can be harnessed. A decision to be made." ~ Rainn Wilson

Happy Monday! Spending time with young people means learning to speak a foreign language (read: slang). Want some help with the translations?

Coooooookkieeeee!  But just one.  And it’s fudgy.  Enough said.  

What's up on the Big Purple Blob? 

Podcast #1: Parenting overseas and some of the things that feel a little more complicated

Podcast#2: School's out, college kids are home.  Some adjustments to the new norm.

Wellness News Around the 'Net

Physical Health

Eat Well

I'm not a huge juice fan.  I know others REALLY love it.  While it is best to eat the whole fruit, some juices are better than others.

Be Active

Contract your core.  You hear that in your exercise classes, undoubtedly.  But what does that even mean?

Let's move!

This timer is called Mini Ladders. You'll find 15 moves, each one its own mini ladder.  You'll start at the bottom of each one, climb on up, and then start at the bottom again of the next one.  So.many.ladders but you can do this! Start your music!

Spiritual Health

Try a little surfer mentality trick: When a surfer gets up on a wave, they enjoy the present moment, even though they know with certainty that the wave will eventually end. They fully enjoy THIS wave, with the wisdom and awareness that there are always more waves coming.

5 ideas of applications of this mentality: 

  • Enjoy your next wave and embrace the present moment, 

  • Be strategic about your positioning in between waves, 

  • Pass on more waves rather than jumping at the first one that comes your way, 

  • Always get in the water and stop sitting on the shore, and 

  • Roll with the punches that life deals you.

Mental & Emotional Health

10 very doable things you can do to benefit  your mental health.

Social Health

Sometimes life is hard.  And sometimes we have to show someone we care about that we are there for them because life is hard for them.  The right words can help you deliver that message.

Be your best, friends


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