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Asking for something can feel uncomfortable. It can make you feel vulnerable or like you are being challenged. Asking can feel like a too-tight shirt or twisty underwear. Asking for something might feel like you are going too far, pushing too much, trying to get more than you deserve.

It doesn't have to be that way.

How do you ask for something?

Do you hint and skirt, indirectly infer you want something? Do you hint that the room is cold, hoping that someone will turn down the air conditioner? Do you remark how dry your throat is, willing silently for someone to get you a glass of water?

Or do you directly ask?

If you ask directly you are offering an opportunity with your ask for your friend/spouse/child/colleague to play a new and specific role, one that will empower them to directly act, to benefit you -- YOU -- one whom they love and respect. One they want to help. Asking directly can result in you getting e x a c t l y what you want.

Now isn't that something to consider? Just ask.

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