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5 people I love to listen to

Sometimes, we need to stop talking, be still and listen to the wise words of others. These are 5 people I listen to regularly, who often inspire a-ha moments, who make me think, and help inspire mindful moments. I'd love to know your favorites, too. Add them in the comments.

1. Dare to Lead, Brené Brown, author, researcher, just all-round brilliant person.

Breaks down complicated subjects and topics in a personal and understandable way and makes the message completely adoptable.

2. Kasia Urbaniak, author of Unbound. When you are questioning your interactions with others, when you are spending too much time and energy feeling put upon or taken for granted, much of that is self-inflicted and completely fixable.

3. Rich Roll is an ultra-athlete, vegetarian espousing conversations embracing open-mindedness, spirituality, healthy living and being well.

4. Make life less difficult, Lisa Hope Tilstra

Lisa strives to focus on what we can do to make life more simple, to bring compassion, and amplify understanding.

(shameless self-promotion)

5. The Big Purple Blob, a group of family members of the Foreign Service who are all trained coaches or counselors, striving to bring understanding, compassion and community to FS life.

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