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Life and links

I know you need more links to click on like you need a hole in the head; however, I have been a little swamped what with work and life and helping the boys do their home learning. Those three are enough but this week we added a few health issues (nothing COVID-related) and then a birthday, too ... Life just got in the way.

So these are a few things we (I) love and use every day here. Maybe they might add some joy to yours?

A few of our favorite things: (and no, not trying to be an Amazon-pusher; just one of the easiest places to order from, you know?)

For cleaning and organizing (since we are all doing a little more of that these days):

These sponges are awesome because they last a good long while, they are sturdy enough to get off a lot of stubborn gook, and (maybe most important right now) they don't get nasty and smelly. I have a thing about dirty kitchen sponges, and these help put my mind at ease.

I love these cloths. They soak up an amazing amount of liquid, and work well for all jobs from sanitizing to dusting to washing dishes, if you want. They are reusable and easy to sanitize (2 minutes in the microwave or throw into the washing machine).

We are all on our devices a little too much these days. It used to be that we would just charge as needed and it wasn't every single night. Now, though, laptops and ipads and phones are plugged in every day, sometimes even more often than once. Zoom is a battery-drainer, as are a lot of the other work- and school-related apps we use. This lid organizer helps keep the charging area quasi-organized.

These towels are not only great as napkins, they also work well to wipe up spills, dust, clean muddy (boy) footprints, wipe up milk and water, catch crumbs ... and you can wash and bleach them without making them ugly or misshapen.

For exercise: This for me has been a sanity saver. Sure, I love running, and I do other workouts, but the pool is my happy place. If I swam actual laps in our pool, I would get dizzy; it is quite small. But with this belt, I can swim 'laps' and get my time in.

Can't get to the gym? There are a lot of options out there, but a suspension trainer is a portable, lightweight option that can be used in hundreds of exercises.

Favorite workout links for when I am not inspired to do one of my own, find something new online or just want something that I know will be great: Favorite online yoga site. Love this site created by a husband and wife team. You can filter the options for length of workout, equipment you want to use (or not), and what type of workout. A little bit of everything

For fun:

Kan Jam is one of the best ways to pass time. Seriously. Teams or just pairs, competition or just whiling away a few spare minutes. The boys love this game. Laugh-out-loud fun, a little bit raunchy, sure, but the boys think it is hilarious. I promise your kids will love it. The boys and I play this game many days during our lunch break from teleworking/home-learning. This is a game that incorporates a little bit of trivia, a little bit of movement, a little bit of drawing with dice games ... it’s a little hard to describe but ... good family fun.

If you have a cat, this will give you both a lot of enjoyment. Really. Your cat can't figure out why you are all there ALL of the time, so may as well make the most of it!

For food and cooking:

Love their ethos. Love their grains and flours. Just a great company to support. I love these beans. Full stop. Try them, and you will love them, too. So many fun colors, flavors and varieties. Their posole is outstanding, too.

Snacks galore, sure, but also a GREAT place (and price) for nuts of all sorts.

I bet you have a lot of baking projects going on. This is why you need this bowl scraper. Once you have this in your hand, and you've easily moved your gooey dough from one bowl to your pan ... you're going to know this is the best tool.

These are the best chocolate chips out there. Hands down, no argument. Unless you are chopping up a block of chocolate, these are the tops with a perfect balance between a bit of bitter and a hint of sweet.

May your day be happy, and all of your family be well.


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