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You are mom. You are dad. You are unstoppable.

How many times during the day do you stop and think about what else you have to accomplish before you finally get to get back into bed at the end of the day?

If your house is anything like mine, one person is the center of the confusion and whirlwind activities. That one person is the organizer, the driver, the conductor, the go-between, the conduit, the facilitator, the personal shopper, the problem-fixer, the personal chef and the confidant. The glue. You, Super Parent, are the one keeping things flowing and running. So when do you get to you?

We have a lot on our collective parenting plates. So many of us have jobs outside of the house, too, so not only are we available 24/7 for our kids, but we also have professional obligations. It is a lot. I’m not telling you anything new. And really, I’m not sure it is helpful at all to even focus on this topic. For me, though, it’s often nice to know and really highlight that I am not the only one who has a lot on my plate. Others share my same role. I, like so many parents, have to be unstoppable.

When I get a cold, or (heaven forbid) the flu, it doesn’t mean I get a day off. Sadly, life continues at the same frantic pace; I just have to keep up and limp along. (note: this is NOT the same for all adults in my household, but … that is for another entry.) Things and tasks still need to be accomplished. Usually what happens on days like this is lunches are a little less organized and perhaps not as well-balanced, pick-up from activities may be a little less chatty, and I’ll flop into bed at the end of the day without a lot of enthusiasm for the coming day. I still have to be on pointe and up for what the day brings; I get to be a little less focused and coherent, but that’s a small concession.

Is this where I bring up getting a flu shot? Maybe it’s not such a bad idea to do what you can to prevent getting sick and having to add ‘heal thyself’ to your daily to do list. Vitamins if you believe in them, adequate hydration, solid nutrition, sufficient sleep, … you know what you need for your own primary self care. The time you invest in that is time that you will in turn give to others. To be unstoppable, you still need to add fuel and maintenance to the mix. Burning both ends leads only to unhappiness, both for yourself and for your family.

Self care is important. Make it a priority, so then, in turn, you can take care of others. Without taking care of you, though, there won’t be any one there to take care of them. So remember that, and be your best self. Be unstoppable.


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Susie is certified through The Parent Coaching Institute, whose graduates are dedicated to help parents focus on "amplifying the positive, appreciating the good, and valuing the possible in themselves and in their children."  http://www.thepci.org/findcoach/ug/brown-susie-csorsz