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  • Susie Csorsz Brown

Bullies: Back off! You won't win.

A repost. I think a well-timed one. As I wrote to my friend, how did we get to this point where killing people was a way to make a point? wtf?! I grieve for the loss of life, and the loss of a more innocent time that my children will never know.

This is a rant. You can skip if you want. I can’t sit idle when I have all of these thoughts flying around in my head.

… "limits are for those who lack imagination and determination." …. Terrorists want to crush peoples' dreams; the very essence of what a dream represents (a better future) is what terrorists are fighting against.

We live in a day and age where terrorism is indeed inevitable. It is a part of what is now, as much as democracy is. It is just what is right now. Sadly. You know what terrorists are? Bullies. Bullies win by getting others to fear them. How do you get a bully to back down? Stand up to him. Show that bully that you don’t fear what he is doing, saying, standing for, and stand up for what you know to be a better way of life: the choice to practice to allow others to dream and live and be. Random killing of innocent people? That’s not being brave and standing up for what is right; that’s just being mean, inconsiderate of life and thoughtless of others.

I am not particularly religious. I feel that for some it is important to be so, but for me it works to make an effort to be deliberately kind and considerate, to take care, to be accepting and to be aware of our effect on others. I dare say there is no God out there that would say that what they stand for and what philosophies they embrace are the one and only right one. I am understanding of others -- or try to be -- and listen to what others feel is important, giving them the right to continue to believe as they want. I have my own opinions, and I do not believe mine are the right ones for every one. I do my best to teach my boys that they have the right to the beliefs they choose, as long as it does not infringe on the rights or beliefs of others. They have the right to dream as they want, the right to aim for their goals, and work hard to achieve them.

Terrorists want people to only believe as they do. If others don’t do as they heed, then they deserve to die. Some kill indiscriminately, some pick and choose, giving women and children pardon. Some aim for tourist destinations, some aim for places and/or countries whom they feel have done them wrong. Terrorists want to set limits and undermine established structure. They want to bring doubt and uncertainty. Terrorists want you to fear. And when you fear, they win.

Imagination and dreams look beyond what is and aim toward what could be. They embody growth and childhood and creativity. They get you out of the box. They lead to ambition and aspiration and positive change.

You know what I have to say? Back off, bullies. You are not accomplishing anything. Oh sure, we are all watching now, and you are getting your time in the news. But that is not a win. And yes, right now, we are afraid. But that is not a win, either. Being known as notorious is not the same thing as being revered. You want to know why you won’t win? Because we all dream, and we all work for a better day. Now, we again know what grief looks like, thanks to you. But we also know what beauty can come if you work hard and take care with others. You won’t win, because as every parent on this planet knows and has told their kids: bullies never win. So back off.

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