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Be sexy

Doesn’t really matter what you think of the person saying it, if what they are saying is spot on, right? This guy has some publicity issues, and behavioral quirks, but what he is saying here is worth listening to.

What is sexy? Is that something you even want your kids to be thinking about? I think it is, if you think about what being sexy is, especially according to Ashton Kutcher’s definition.

  • Opportunity looks like hard work.

  • Being sexy = Being really smart, being thoughtful, being real, being generous.

  • Everything around is made up of people no smarter than you. Build a life. Don’t just live and let others design your future. You are only limited by what you allow yourself to be limited by.

These are all words we need to hear. Big people forget these important messages, and little people (and medium people) don’t know this or don’t yet own this well enough to really believe the message.

Parents, my friends, one of our underlying tasks is to help our kids realize and own these words. Perhaps you are not comfortable calling your kids ‘sexy;’ come up with your own vernacular. Develop your own version of the message because what is important is that your child believes that they are important, they are worthy, and they can do whatever they set their mind to. You know, the more you say it, the more you believe it, too, not just about your kids, but about yourself, too. I believe big people need affirmation as much as anybody. Sure, you should have already developed your sense of self, but hearing positive messages (even if they are coming from your own mouth directed at others) can only help you shift your own personal view a notch or two higher. I’m not saying it’s good to be an egotist. Having a strong sense of self and a belief in your abilities is not the same thing as being self-involved. In fact, the more secure you are in your beliefs, and the more confidence you have in your abilities, the more likely you will be to reach out to others. Why? Because you are secure in your own abilities, and understand that reaching out a hand isn’t going to make you falter in your own path.

So. Be sexy. Understand what that means, and help your kids be sexy, as well.

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