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  • Susie Csorsz Brown

R E L A X ... or at least get less stressed

5 ways to regroup/chill/get over it when everyone is at home sharing that trickle of internet and what little space you may have. I know, I know, you need more links like you need a hole in the head but ... let's get you a little less wound-up.

1. Dance party. 5 minutes - or better 10 or more! - and everyone will be out of breath, and in a better mood. Don't forget to turn the volume up!


American Boy, Estelle :

Pink, Get the Party started:

Respect, Aretha Franklin:

Or try this list because it has 94 awesome songs and you won’t have to keep copy and pasting:

2. Bake or cook something. Good smells from the kitchen almost always = good moods. I'm including some recipes that have common or probably-have-on-hand ingredients


3. Stand up, move away from your desk and do a few sun salutations. Somehow, just stretching, reaching for the sky, and deliberately matching your breath to your movements takes your mind off the task(s) at hand, and helps you refocus. Even your children can do this, I promise. And, honestly, nothing is as entertaining as doing yoga with your kids.

4. Go outside. We are so very fortunate that we have a yard and a pool. And we live at the bottom of a hill. When the kids are crabbing at one another, and tempers are flaring, I send them outside to get some wiggles out, get some exercise and get some time in the sun. Yes, I know, sun protection, etc, too, but the time away from the screens is precious. Sitting outside, listening to the birds, enjoying the breeze... it is nature’s cure for a lot of stress-induced ailments.

If you don't have a yard, head for your porch or balcony. If you don't have either of those, at least open your window and get some fresh air on your face.

If you have kids:

5. Take a deliberate 5 or 10 minutes to talk with your kids. Put the phones/computers/screens away. Don’t multi-task. Just focus on what they have to tell you. Maybe it’s something they learned today, or a new game they learned or a new song they heard. Just focus on what they are telling you. Or play a game with them. Board game or one that they invented. It’ll make you feel better.

Try: The scribble game. This is a 1+ person game. Person A closes their eyes, puts a pen to a piece of paper and does a quick scribble. Person B (or Person A with their eyes open) then has 60 seconds to change that scribble into a drawing of a real thing.

Try: an epic Nerf battle. No holds barred, everyone for themselves, to the last man nerf battle.

If you have pets:

5. Go play with your cat. Play with your dog. Give them a good rub (if they will let you). Play a rousing game of fetch or chase or practice their repertoire of tricks. Spend some time with your furry family members who love you best (because you know they do, even if they ‘belong’ to the kids).

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