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Be your best Wellness Newsletter #291

We're built to live simultaneously in love and loss, bitter and sweet. ~ Susan Cain

Happy Monday! Today's post: not sure why, but this really blew my mind.

New recipe: Kids can cook, and this time, we're looking at you, chicken! Asian barbecue with green beans. Yum! 

New post: The key to successful change? Moving towards the positive, rather than leaving behind the negative.

Wellness News Around the 'Net

Physical Health

Eat Well

What you eat can benefit your state of wellness.  Also, what you choose NOT to eat.

Be Active

So sure, yes, 10,000 is a great number but guess what? You don't actually need that many steps to  see benefits.

Let's move!

3 circuits.  The first 2 are 8 minutes of continual movement; the circuits are the same.  Then the 3rd is a standing ab workout.  Start your music!

Spiritual Health

100% this. 

Mental & Emotional Health

You are angry.  It’s okay to be angry.  How to feel it, see it, and move forward without ignoring it.

Social Health

Worried about your friend?  Pick up the phone and call.

Be your best, friends


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