Favorite Books: The Lion and the Little Red Bird

January 10, 2020

This is probably one of my favorite books, and one I have used in many lessons.  In this book, The Lion and the Little Red Bird by Elisa Kleven, we meet two creatures who become improbable friends through their time together and a shared love of art.  The bird loves the lion's artistic painting ability and the lion loves the bird's beautiful songs.   They don't speak the same language, they don't live in the same space, they don't share the same story, but they share a love of artistry and appreciate all that the other has to offer.  In true friendship, one doesn't try to change the other; they appreciate and give purely because it benefits the other.  The lion proves this when she runs out into the storm to save the bird.


How do we communicate?  Is it just with words?  How else can we express our thoughts and emotions?  How else can we reach out to friends?  Further, when we reach out to others through various avenues, does it strengthen our message?  

How do we share what we love?  Is it only beauty for our own eyes and ears or does it bloom when we share what we love with those we hold dear? What makes us happy?  When we share it, does it not share the joy?



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