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I believe we have two families.  The first, we are born with.  Or adopted into, if you like.  This family is one we can’t escape, and one who forms...

Family redefined

March 5, 2015

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On the offensive

October 10, 2019

It is interesting to me the effort some go to in order to be insulted.  Why are we so quick to take offense?  


Example 1: I watched a number of sports games over the past several weekends; after school activities are in full swing, therefore so are the games.  Games of all ages, for all sports, for both genders. All.weekend.long.   Most recent weekends it has been soccer and basketball.  (Hang in there, this relates to my point, I promise.)  I watched numerous children go through the motions that their coaches worked hard to instill in them.  Skills abound, and still, sadly, when the ref or ump called a play not in their favor, they immediately start taking offense: why is everyone picking on me?  Could it be that the kids didn’t follow rules?  That they actually did something wrong?  Or just plain messed up? Are we teaching our kids to take offense and try to find someone else to blame instead of owning up to their own possible short-comings, and just try harder the second go round? 


Example 2: People say things in jest, and then instead of enjoying the comedic moment, they immediately apologize for hurting others’ feelings.  People say things without thinking, and then beat themselves up over possibly having stepped on feelings.  People look to take offense in the words of others, rather than simply hearing the words as the opinion of another person, or as a joke, and either agreeing, disagreeing, or disregarding.  We are, in fact, allowed t