Powerful voice

May 30, 2019

Check your self talk.  Check your frame of mind. 


Move from here: I could never pull that off.  To here: How can I be more adventurous?

Move from here: I wish I could do that. To here: How can I be more spontaneous?

Move from here: I’m not good enough. To here: How can I develop/master this skill?

Move from here: I could never do that. To here: How can I take concrete steps to move closer to what I genuinely want?

Move from here: They must have something I do not. To here: How can I extract the most out of my talents and abilities?

Move from here: I will never have that life. To here: What desires of my own can I action on today?


Are you in a positive mindset?  Are you talking yourself out of having confidence in your own abilities?  Are you talking yourself out of even trying?  Be a good example for your kids; look at what lies before you as an opportunity to succeed rather than a challenge you might fail.  It’s the same situation; it just is a different way to look at it.  


Glass half empty, glass half full.  Make sure that powerful voice you have between your ears is saying things you want and need to hear.

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