Recipe: The best chicken spice

July 3, 2018

You know how you have that go-to spice that you can always use, always rely on, and always tastes great?  This is my favorite spice blend to use on poultry.  Be it beer can chicken on the grill, a big turkey or chicken parts in the oven, this is super easy, and always tasty.  The amount given is enough for one chicken; if you are using it on a turkey, then double the recipe.  


The best chicken spice

enough for one chicken


1 tablespoon ancho chile
2 tablespoons  brown sugar
1 tablespoon  salt
1 tablespoon  ground cumin
1 tablespoon  oregano
1 tablespoon  ground cinnamon


Combine all ingredients in a bowl.  Loosen the skin on the chicken, and rub all over the chicken.  For best flavor, let the bird sit after rubbing on the spices for at least an hour, or overnight.


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