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I believe we have two families.  The first, we are born with.  Or adopted into, if you like.  This family is one we can’t escape, and one who forms...

Family redefined

March 5, 2015

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Homework time: Reacting to upset kids

June 7, 2015


Think about when your child gets upset.  Never a happy moment for any parent, I’m sure.  Sometimes, they get so worked up before you can even think to react – let alone react in the ‘proper’ way – and before you know it, they are beyond upset, and inconsolable and you have a knot in your stomach.  Threats and/bribes ensue, and … things just spiral downwards from there.  Not a finer parenting moment, right?


Let’s try this a different way.  You have some work to do beforehand, though.  Consider this a homework activity.  For the next time your child gets upset, ask yourself this question:  ‘How do I like to be treated when I am upset?’  Take a few minute