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Wellness Newsletter #252

Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one." ~ Bruce Lee

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Happy Monday! Turns out, AI might be smart, but your eyes (and brain!) are smarter! Clues to figure out what is and is not real; good read for you AND your kids.

Check out my blog post: I love me some broccoli, and here it marries especially well with chicken in a comforting and so-very tasty weeknight-friendly option.

What are your values? These are important ideals, sure, but also, they change over time so it is good to check in with this question regularly.

Wellness News Around the 'Net

Physical Health Eat Well Nutrition advice ebbs and flows; it can be hard to know what to believe, right? Advice? Follow the tried-and-true facts instead. Be Active Unfortunately, we ARE all busy. It can be really hard to fit in exercise regularly, especially if you have young kids. But there are tricks that help gift you some time to get a sweat on. Let's move! Small band tabata that will leave you sweaty. Start your music! Spiritual Health I'm feeling with you. I'm here. Thank you for telling me. You're not alone. Mental & Emotional Health Solving problems:

Pessimism: We have a problem, but we can’t solve it Optimism: We have a problem, and we can solve it Responsibility: We have a problem. Can I help solve it? Initiative: We have a problem. Here’s how I’m solving it.

~ Adam Grant

Social Health Important to know how to be socially well, to build a community, to be happy with others. Also important to be happy on your own. Be your best, friends s

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