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Wellness Newsletter #250

The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” ~ Ernest Hemingway

Posts from Looking for suggestions what to watch this weekend that isn't another superhero movie (!!), maybe provides some feel-good moments, and stays with you long after the credits roll? Here's list, many of which would work for the whole family. Happy Monday! How much do you know about sea stars? New recipe: Super tasty bread that you bake yourself, on your schedule. New post: Don't define who you are by the small details. Wellness News Around the 'Net Physical Health Eat Well A thorough look at animal versus plant sources for protein, including the benefits of both. Be Active It can be very challenging to stick with an exercise regimen, I admit. I also know that it is 100%. There are so many excuses NOT to do something; instead come up with excuses why to do it. Let's move! This timer, called 'Plank it up', will have your core feeling it, but we'll add in some cardio, too. Every other interval is a version of plank. Feel free to do high plank, low plank, push-ups, stack-your-feet planks ... you choose! Push yourself, but choose an option that you can do for the full minute each time. The alternating intervals are cardio. You can do the base move or add in jumps, movement, or anything else for greater intensity. Your whole body will be singing by the end of the workout! Start your music! Spiritual Health What does low self esteem look like? We need to make sure your self esteem is strong. Mental & Emotional Health Fun scale. Yes, it is a thing and maybe you should consider it when (or after) you do things. Have more fun! Social Health We expats, we move a lot. We move to new countries/cities/communities and we have to AGAIN be the new kid on the block. It feels daunting, I know, but I promise, you can make new friends as an adult. Be your best, friends


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