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Wellness Newsletter #238

"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." ~ Dr Martin Luther King Posts from Check out the most recent podcast episodes from the Big Purple Blob Happy Monday! Here's a quick read with suggestions how you can move more during the day, even if you are in an office. This bread. So so tasty. And even a baking novice can master it! Listen, your kids will grow up and they will go through puberty. Wouldn't you rather they get the correct information about this inevitable change from you? Wellness News Around the 'Net Physical Health Eat Well So, intermittent fasting. I am not a fan, but mostly because I know how unbearable I become when I am hangry, but for some it is a doable diet. This article has a bit of technical terminology but nonetheless breaks down the gist of the diet, and is fairly balanced. Be Active Movement makes your muscles stronger and keeps your heart happy. It also makes your brain stronger. Let's move! Grab your mini band, and let's do this thing! This timer includes 3 parts: the first one focuses on moves for the legs. You'll repeat the circuit twice. The middle circuit is hiit ... with your band, of course! You'll repeat this one three times. The final circuit is a core burnout you'll run through twice. The placement of the band is indicated in the parenthesis. Start your music! Spiritual Health Why we seek beauty. Mental & Emotional Health Emotions versus feelings. Yep, they ARE different. Social Health Sometimes what you really need from your friends is to not be with them; sometimes you just need to be alone. Be your best, friends


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