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Wellness Newsletter #231

Check your heart more than you check your phone.

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Yep, heading into the holiday season might feel daunting if you are thinking about your weight as pretty much every gathering centers around food. Here's news: weight gain does not have to go hand-in-hand with the holiday season.

New recipe: Last minute request for a treat? Bake sale tomorrow they 'forgot' to tell you about? Have a yen to bake? This is your bar.

New post: You are grateful, and do what you can to help your kids actively be grateful too. Here are a few more suggestions that might help them embrace this life-lightening skill.

Wellness News Around the 'Net

Physical Health Eat Well Is cheese bad for you? Well, it depends. (And that answer pretty much just broke my hubby's heart). Be Active Move more! But move more differently. Partly to stave off boredom, but also to keep it safe and challenging for your body and muscles. Let's move! 20-some moves, you'll do each three times, 20 seconds each time. I promise, every part of your body will sing your praises after this! Start your music! Spiritual Health Taking that time to pause, taking the time to reflect, taking the time away from screens is good for your brain, for your emotions, and for your social connections. Mental & Emotional Health "Resilient people tend to have a more positive outlook." That alone should be incentive enough. Social Health A long read, but with so many parallels to your own life, each of you. Is friends as an adult an impossibility? I like to think not, but it does take a significant amount of effort and energy, especially as life and probably distance intervene. Be your best, friends


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