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Wellness Newsletter #181

A good teacher opens the door for you, but you must enter the room by yourself.

Physical Health Eat Well One of the best ways to improve your nutritional profile is to cook at home rather than eating out. Be Active Looking to design your own tabata workout? Sometimes it's better to be the creator, you know. Here are some excellent suggestions and formulas to try. Let's move! This is a workout with weights. No timer but you'll be counting reps (my nemesis!). Do two rounds of the following exercises: Use 6-8 pound weights 1. Side lunge to front kick + bicep curl (holding a weight): 15 reps on each side 2. Push-up to squat, bicep curl, and shoulder press: 15 reps 3. Plié squat + upright row and plie squat + front delt lift: 15 reps 4. Goblet squat: 15 reps 5. Plank + row + move weight to other side: 15 reps 6. Rear lunge with twisting bicep curl: 15 reps on each side 7. Skater w/weight + curtsy lunge: 10 reps (place weights about a long step apart. Standing behind one weight, step back into a curtsy lunge to pick up one weight. Skate to the other side and back, performing another curtsy lunge to replace the weight. Skate without the weight. That's one rep. Repeat, alternating with and without the weight. Repeat 10 reps on the other side). 8. Back row and back fly with back leg taps: 10 reps 9. Chest fly + leg raises: 15 reps 10. Bridge + chest press: 15 reps Spiritual Health To renew ourselves, sometimes we need to reach out and take care of someone — or something — else. Solution: plants! Mental & Emotional Health Your body’s response to short bursts of stress? To get stronger. Social Health It does seem like relationships just don’t last, with divorce rates as high as 40 to 50%. There ways to build a lasting marriage. Posts from Happy Monday! Hopefully you are spending a lot of extra quality time with family, now that the holiday season is squarely upon us. Here are a few conversation starters, if you are faced with some awkward silence when faced with teen/tween attitude. Pineapple pineapple! In a good way, this cake really shines with pineapple. Great for snack or breakfast, and good to make ahead so perfect for those weekday mornings. Sometimes we need to listen to our own advice. Sometimes we need to put self-care first. So I am taking a minute. Be your best, friends


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