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Wellness Newsletter #180

All of the people you haven't told you love lately, tell them, and live your days like you mean it. ~ Hal Sutton Physical Health Eat Well It's holiday time! This means that we will be surrounded by food maybe more often than we normally are. How to stop the mindless or stress-induced eating? The thing about nutrition is that there are so many myths out there -- some of them oft-repeated -- and it can be hard to know what is true. Be Active How's your balance? Balance training is important for everyone, not just athletes. Let's move! First a 5 minute EMOM, then a fast-paced HIIT, finishing with a 5 minute AMRAP. Ready? Start your music! Your EMOM (every minute on the minute) will be: 10 x squat thrusts 10 x low side shuffle (sitting low and staying low, shuffle three to the right and then back to the left three. Each way counts as 1). Repeat the moves at the top of the minute for 5 minutes. The timer will move on to the AMRAP portion. You know all of the moves. Your AMRAP (as many reps as possible) consists of the following moves: -4 rounds of 1 star jump + Narrow squat and tap your foot front, side and back. You'll do a star jump between each leg, so a total of 4 star jumps. -16 twisting mountain climbers (8 each side) -8 leg drop + toe touch crunches Move through the three moves as many rounds as you can in the 5 minutes. Spiritual Health I know, I know: we are all stressed. How can we not let that stress negatively impact our health? Can spirituality make a positive impact? Mental & Emotional Health True not all of us who experience anxiety, or who are regularly anxious have anxiety disorder, but these tools can help deal with your feelings. Social Health Honestly, HOW do we get our kids to respond? How about our non-responsive spouses? Well, part of it is HOW you ask the question. Another part is WHEN you ask it. Posts from Already started turkey prep. You? That's just the beginning of the holiday drama and stress. Let it be a less stressful holiday season this year. Happy Monday! And Thanksgiving week! Here's a link for you: how to keep you and your kids from getting bored. Indeed, you do not have to be busy all of the time. I hope by now if you're planning on baking a turkey, you have it thawing. If you haven't figured out what else you might want to add, I bet you have all of the ingredients for this go-to rub in your spice cupboard. This is our favorite dry rub for any bird, big or small. Happy Thanksgiving! Grateful for you, grateful for all you do, and grateful for being able to accept what IS as enough. Be your best, friends


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