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Wellness Newsletter #170

"The purpose of listening across lines of difference is not agreement or compromise. It is understanding." ~ Valarie Kaur

Physical Health Eat Well These are all exceptionally good pieces of advice when it comes to eating. Your food intake is important, so it should not be a tool with which you punish yourself, or withhold. And, like all parts of wellness, it is important to regularly check in to ensure what you are eating is still working for you. Be Active Be active the right way, otherwise you don't reap as many benefits. Let's move! 6 rounds of 6 exercises. Promise you'll sweat! Start your music! Spiritual Health What does resiliency even mean, and how can we get more of it? Mental & Emotional Health Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself - especially if you’re getting spun up about something - is to think of someone else. Social Health Trust is a very very big deal. Having trust in others is almost like an act of faith. How can we be brave enough to gift our trust to others? Posts from 20 years ago, 9/11 became a date we will never forget. Many of our kids were not alive when 9/11 happened, and as much as we want to protect them from the bad things and people that are out there, it is important to talk about this day, about what happened, about how what happened changed our country and the world. Like many difficult conversations, it is hard to know where to start. I hope you do, though, because the more we help our kids to understand what happened, the more able they will be to grow up aware and, hopefully, change the world so nothing this horrific happens again. Happy Monday! Though I am not especially well-versed in emoji-speak, I do love a good emoji. Apparently, I am not alone. Use those emojis to better connect and emote! I'm sharing a new resource for Expats: Trova Health which is an online health and wellness platform of expert Coaches, Counsellors and Therapists who provide professional services for expats. Trova Health is offering a webinar, discussing challenges Expats are facing while living abroad during Covid-19. Covid-19 has been challenging for everyone, and for expats also trying to adapt to a new culture and without a close group of support like family available to them, these challenges have caused increased anxiety and poor mental health for many people. Here is the link to register (it’s free): New post: Right now, if you have a garden, or a neighbor with a garden, your zucchini intake will have grown exponentially, right? Here's an excellent way to use up a bit of that prolific squash, and it will be well-received, I promise. There are often (always?) opportunities for looking for differences amongst your group and others; what if, instead, we look for similarities and places to connect? Be your best, friends


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