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Wellness Newsletter #169

Lessons in life will be repeated until they are learned. Physical Health Eat Well What's the difference between a 'dietician' and a 'nutritionist' and why should you even care? Further, do you need to see one? Be Active Are you ready to hit the 'go' button on being more active? I bet we can find a way to show you that you are. Let's move! EMOM Time! Every minute, on the minute. Descriptions are below, the timer will be 4 10:00 timers. You can do this! Remember, form is important, but the faster you complete the moves, the longer your rest will be before the fun starts again at the top of the next minute. Start your music! EMOM 1: 7 Box jumps, 10 rear lunge + forward kick EMOM 2: 5 Roll-ups (to standing), 5 long jumps EMOM 3: 10 Crab toe touch, 8 Jack complex (regular jack, front raise jack, jack tap back both sides/feet) EMOM 4: 10 Full sit-ups, 10 Russian twists Spiritual Health Fill your toolbox with skills that help deal with stress and anxiety. Using RAIN helps you focus your response. Mental & Emotional Health There is ‘grouchy’ and then there is all-out angry. And angry does not feel good. What can we do to manage that anger?

Social Health Spending time with your family is not just good for your mental and emotional health, but also good for your kids’ development. Family time is a good thing. Posts from For many of us, school is in session and this means we get to hear school stories from our kids. Now, some of our kids have not been in this sort of social situation for a while, and may be a bit rusty. Be sure you listen well, and help our kids to properly interpret their interactions with other kids, especially if they are face-to-face. Help your kids properly interpret their peer interactions; is it really a mean kid or a bully or is it something more benign? We have many different versions of how to experience a household, right. Two parents, one parent, two part-time parents, grandparents pitching in … what I know for sure is that it is hard work to parent. When one of the parents work outside the home, that changes the household equilibrium, and it take a lot of respect and empathy to help keep the relationship happy. A stay-at-home parent is NOT simply lounging around, eating bonbons. They are very much ‘working’. Happy Monday! Do you do this? Assign a voice to the personality of your pet? This challenge between cats and dogs is a perfect example of the differences. Excited to be offering a workshop for those of you who are new to post. Let's help you help yourself get settled and find your new happy space! Registration: I love a good breakfast bar recipe especially one that is easy to make, full of fiber, and my kids will eat. This one is a great option, especially on those crazy back-to-school mornings. New post: What do we remember about 9/11? Have we learned from our past so we can move towards a better, more globally cohesive future for our kids? Be your best, friends s

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