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Wellness Newsletter #161

Life without struggle is death. Embrace the struggles. Physical Health Eat Well Some of these veggies may sound like made-up words, but if you are lucky enough to access to them, please try them. Nutrient-dense, full of great flavors, AND fun word to say = win for Team Veggies! Be Active How sweaty you are after a work-out doesn't always equate with the effort you put in nor with the effectiveness of the workout. Instead, look at some of these clues. Let's move! 2 groups of exercises that you'll repeat. First is a sweaty 45 seconds on, 15 off style, and the second is standing ab/core workout. Start your music! Spiritual Health As much as you may want to, you can’t just go go go all day every day. Rest - and different kinds - are important and necessary. Know what kind you are needing, and try to make it happen. Mental & Emotional Health That little buzz you feel after a good workout? That’s your friend, Endorphins, dropping by. Not only does that feeling last after a workout, regularly experiencing that ‘high’ will also help improve your mood in general, even on days you don’t work out. Social Health Families: you love ‘em, but sometimes you may not like ‘em. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could do both? Posts from Have you all seen this story? I love reading examples of kids reaching out to help other kids. Happy Monday! Optical illusions are fascinating; they can fool our brains into seeing one thing, even when we know another is true. Check out these very cool illusions. Sorry this is late! Travel back to Sri Lanka has been long long long. Here’s a salad we make regularly; perfect side for pretty much any meat, and amazing leftovers for lunch the next day. It can be hard for anyone - big and small - to think about how their actions might impact another. This is not, however, a reason not to invest effort and energy into doing so. Be your best, friends s

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